Pharmacy Services  Pharmacy Services  Pharmacy Services
  • ​Hospice Pharmacy Provider 
  • CBD oils, capsules, and salves   
  • Compression stocking and hosiery 
  • Drive through window and free delivery 
  • Pharmacist transition of care management  
  • Durable medical equipment and aids for daily living   
  • Medicare Part D, Medicare, and prescription drug plans accepted   
  • Simply Thick honey and nectar instant food thickener for dysphagia  
  • Special ordering available for prescription medications and over the counter items 
  • Inventory control system utilizing technology and pharmacy staff to limit out of stock items 
  • Medication synchronization guided by an experienced pharmacy technician not a computer 
  •  Customized compliance packaging 
  • Automatic refills available upon request 
  • Streamlined specialty medication program   
  • Recommended adult immunizations and travel vaccinations   
  • Boutique retail space with brands sourced from all over the world   
  • Comprehensive medication review and detailed medication consultations 
  • Functional pharmacy with FDA regulated third party analyzed professionals formulations 
  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage provider for diabetic supplies and respiratory medications 
  • Medication induced nutrient depletion review and supplement recommendations made by pharmacist 

We offer medication compliance packaging whereby a patient’s medications are blister-packed into unit dose cards with medications organized by time of day and day of the week. 


We also offer custom compliance packaging.  Our pharmacist will discuss obstacles surrounding medication compliance with patients and/or caregivers and develop a patient specific plan to improve medication adherence and effectiveness.

Compliance Packaging (Bubble Pack)

Medication Therapy Management

We have a patient-centered Medication Therapy Management model designed to promote collaboration between the pharmacist, patient, and physician. Our goal is to evaluate the safety, appropriateness and efficacy of medication treatment regimens, benchmark against clinical guidelines, eliminate costly inefficiencies and improve health outcomes.    After the completion of your Medication Therapy Management review our pharmacist will provide you with a medication-related action plan (MAP).  The MAP is a plan to assist the beneficiary with resolving issues of current drug therapy and to help achieve the goals of medication treatment. It is patient-centered document designed to help beneficiaries get the most benefit from their medications, as well as assist with keeping track of their medications


We offer seasonal Flu vaccines as well as

other preventative vaccines including:  


Shingles (Shingrix)

Pneumonia (Pneumovax 23 and Prevnar 13)

Flu Vaccine (preservative free Quadrivalent, and preservative free,

high dose flu vaccine for 65 and older)


Whooping cough

Hepatitus A/B

Travel vaccines are also available.


Offsite immunizations available as well

Diabetic and Breathing Supplies



We are a Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage Plans provider for Diabetic Testing Supplies (glucose meter, test strips, lancets, and control solution.)

and Breathing Supplies

Specialty Medications

Specialty medications are used to treat chronic, rare, or complex conditions such as cancer, auto immune disease, Crohn's disease, multiple sclersois, and many additional conditions. In general they cost more than traditional medications and may require special storage and handling by manufacture, wholesaler, pharmacy and patient. Specialty medications may be given by infusion (intravenously), injection or taken orally.  They may also need to be administered on a very strict schedule


       Specialty Medication Program:

Verification of insurance and help exploring potential benefit options

Help finding financial assistance, when available

Refill reminders when your medication is running low

Connect patients to support programs and services available to help

patients receive the most benefit from their medication

Durable Medical Equipment

The Pharmacist offers a variety of medical equipment and supplies, including but not limited to:

wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, braces and supports, compression stockings, and bathroom equipment. 


 If you are in need of any medical equipment or supplies please don't hesitate to ask a pharmacy staff member.

Items may be ordered that are not available in our store and are typically available to you the very next day.  

Delivery Services

For your convenience The Pharmacist will deliver your medications to your home.

 We offer this service to those patients who are within a 10 mile radius of the pharmacy, and who either 

 regularly require delivery or are temporarily without a vehicle and do not have the means to travel. 

Along with your prescriptions we would be happy to bring you any over the counter products that you are in need of.  


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