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Medication Therapy Management

We use a patient-centered Medication Therapy Management model designed to promote collaboration between the pharmacist, patient, and physician.

Our goal is to evaluate the safety, appropriateness and efficacy of medication treatment regimens, evaluate treatment using clinical guideline benchmarks and eliminate costly inefficiencies to

improve optimal health outcomes. 


 After the completion of your Medication Therapy Management review our pharmacist will provide you with a medication-related action plan (MAP).  The MAP will assist you with resolving any issues of current drug therapy and will help achieve the goals of medication treatment. Your MAP is a custom tailored document designed to help you receive the highest benefit from your medications and is also a useful tool for keeping track of your medications.

We offer seasonal Flu vaccines as well as other preventative vaccines including:  


  Shingles (Shingrix)


(Pneumovax 23 and Prevnar 13)

Flu Vaccine

(preservative free Quadrivalent

and high dose flu vaccine

for 65 and older)




Whooping cough


Hepatitis A/B


Travel vaccines are also available.


Person Getting Vaccinated

      Compliance Packaging (Blister Pack)

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We are a Medicare Part B and

Medicare Advantage Plans provider for diabetic testing supplies breathing supplies.

We offer medication compliance packaging.

Your medications can be blister-packed into unit dose cards with medications organized by day of the week and time of day.

We also offer custom compliance packaging.  Our pharmacist will discuss obstacles surrounding medication compliance with patients and/or caregivers and develop a patient-specific plan to improve medication adherence and overall effectiveness.

Diabetic and Breathing Supplies

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Durable Medical Equipment


At The Pharmacist we offer a  variety of medical equipment and supplies including, but not limited to:

wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, braces and supports, compression stockings, and bathroom equipment. 


 If you don't see what you need or require specialized equipment, please ask a pharmacy staff member to assist you. We can order items that are not presently available in our store. Typically,  items will  be available to you the very next business day.  

Delivery Services

We are pleased to offer home delivery  service to our patients living within a ten-mile radius of The Pharmacist, and who, due to medical reasons, require delivery or are temporarily without the means to travel. 

We will deliver your prescriptions and any over-the-counter items you require. 

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Proudly serving Lake County since 1991     Leesburg, Florida 

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